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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I recently discovered your blog and really appreciate your coverage. I’m an alum of an infamous Yale singing group and am always glad to see people paying attention to the a cappella scene from a variety of angles.
    Professionally, I now work as a writer and just wrote a novel about a mythical and lusty college a cappella singing group, SONS OF DIONYSUS. The book is now being serialized on the web site Frontier Psychiatrist. It’s really taking off and developing an exciting fanbase. I would love to hear what you and your readers think. Here’s a sample chapter:
    Hope you enjoy and thanks for your time,
    Jim Knable

  2. I’m trying to locate a contemporary a cappella group in the north west to perform as a surprise at my daughters wedding in July in Manchester

    • Hi Maralyn,

      Unfortunately there aren’t huge numbers of groups in the North-West, but if you’re talking Manchester, you’re best getting in touch with the Leeds group, The Songsmiths, or any of the Birmingham-based groups.

      Hope this helps!

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