Audition Alert! (6)

Audition fever has been rife over the past few weeks: here a short round-up:

The University of Cambridge’s The Fitz Sirens are calling for new members to message them through their Facebook page to book a slot; The Oxford Belles are auditioning this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5.30pmm, with more information available here; The Techtonics from Imperial College, London held their first auditions yesterday, and are also auditioning Sunday and Tuesday of the coming week – more information is available on their page also.

Potential auditionees for Oxford’s In The Pink are being encouraged to email; The Imperielles are holding auditions this Saturday and Sunday (find out more here; Cadenza from Cambridge have auditions continuing from this Monday 8th, which you can sign up for here); and finally, Blue Shakti are looking for vocalists and beatboxers to email them at

If you’re at university – make sure you get involved in all the action!


Audition Alert! (5)

More groups are auditioning around the country as the new academic year get well underway.

Firstly, we must apologise for missing out on the auditions for Leeds group 95 Keys and Exeter group Semi-Toned – it’s not only their first few weeks back at university, but ours too, and as such we have been swamped with a host of work from over-keen lecturers. We hope these auditions went extremely well for the two groups involved, and we look forward to seeing the results in the near future.

Meanwhile, the University of Birmingham is stepping it up a gear in terms of recruitment, with auditions for all three of their groups happening all at once. The University of Birmingham A Cappella Network (UBAN) is holding auditions this Thursday and Friday for people who wish to join either The Sons of Pitches, The Uptone Girls or Voice Versa. Auditions are being held from 5pm-8pm at the Beorma Bar at the Guild of Students in Birmingham, and you would be mad to miss out on becoming a part of one of the UK’s fastest growing hubs of a cappella.

More information on the auditions can be found here.

The Refrains are Recruiting – Male Singers Wanted!

Although not technically university a cappella, we at the blog like to look after our groups’ alumni because, well, a lot of us are alumni ourselves. And so we were delighted to hear that one of the UK’s newest alumni-based groups, The Refrains, are not only gigging very soon, but are also looking for new meat to join their ranks.

‘Please Refrain from Smokin” is a joint gig between The Refrains and fellow London-based group In The Smoke, two of the most exciting young groups on the thriving London scene, and it is happening this Friday. As in, tomorrow. Don’t miss out on your chance to see these groups by clicking ‘Join’ on the Event Page to find out where to buy your tickets.

More importantly, perhaps, is the auditions. The Refrains are packed full of uni group alums, and so are the perfect group to join if you’ve just graduated from university and haven’t quite filled that a cappella-sized hole that you’ve been left with. They are only looking for boys, though, at least one tenor and one bass, so lads, if you fancy it, click here to find out more and keep up to date with how to audition. Auditions are taking place week beginning October 8th, so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy seeing the groups in action tomorrow night!

Audition Alert! (4)

The audition opportunities keep on coming. We have news of three groups recruiting to tell you about right now, stretching from all corners of the country.

Rounding off the groups at the University of St Andrews, The Hummingbirds, St Andrews’ newest all-female a cappella group, are holding auditions this Tuesday and Wednesday the 18th and 19th of September during the evenings. For more information about how to audition, you can contact the group on, look up their Facebook Event Page or find them on Facebook.

Heading south of the border, fresh from their successful Fringe run, The Oxford Gargoyles are also advertising for new members. They will be holding the auditions from 7th-9th October from 9am-6pm at Worcester College, and in order to book a timeslot, you should email, or comment on the wall of the Facebook Event. For more information about the group, you can find them on Facebook or on their Official Website.

Finally, UK collegiate champions All the King’s Men are also recruiting. Their auditions will be held from 23rd-25th September at Strand Campus, room TBC, from 6-10pm. For more information about the auditions, check out the Facebook Event, and for more information about the group, try their Facebook Page.

Audition Alert! (3)

A trend has emerged around Scotland over the past week. As universities fill up with new Freshers, audition slots for the Scottish-based groups are opening up left, right and centre.

Following The Alleycats and The Accidentals into audition mode are VF-UK 2012 Finalists The Other Guys, who will be having their auditions on Wednesday 19th September. In order to book an audition time, it is necessary to email The auditions will be held at St Leonard’s Chapel throughout the day.

Excitingly, a group from a university outside of St Andrews are also holding auditions. Choral Stimulation, based in Glasgow, have come on in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years, and are also on the lookout for new members. Their auditions will be held on Tuesday 25th September in the Glasgow University Union, from 5pm-8pm. The group is looking for male and female singers of all ranges, so all you Glasgow Freshers out there – get yourselves involved!

For more information about the events, check out The Other Guys’ Auditions Facebook Event or Choral Stimulation’s Auditions Facebook Event.

Audition Alert! (2)

As the new academic term starts in Scotland, groups at the main hub in the Great North are preparing in earnest for new members to join them. The Alleycats are now followed by one of the two all-female ensembles at the university, The Accidentals, who are hoping to fill a number of spaces in their group.

Fresh from their debut Fringe run, the girls are holding auditions from 18th-20th September from 5-7pm in Younger Hall on North Street, and are encouraging auditionees to ‘sing anything you like that shows off your voice’, while advising that candidates should come with a couple of songs prepared, just in case.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in a cappella, so we here encourage all you feisty girls out there to try out for the girl group with the most attitude around.

More information about the auditions can be found here. To find out more about the group itself, try their Facebook Page.

Audition Alert! (1)

That time is upon us again – groups are starting to organise their auditions for the coming academic year, and none is as organised as the University of St Andrews’ The Alleycats, fresh from their very successful Edinburgh Fringe run, who have revealed the dates of their audition times even before term has even started.

The group will be auditioning on the 15th (3-5pm) at the Barron Theatre, and 17th (5-7pm) and 19th (6-8pm) of September at Younger Hall on North Street, St Andrews, and having lost all but six of their current group, they are looking to fill their ranks with fresh blood and plenty of cattitude, including someone to replace their long-serving retiring beatboxer, Cammy Dobbie, who will be leaving some huge boots to fill.

If you are interested in auditioning for the group, you can get in touch with them on, or check out the Event Page on Facebook or simply their Facebook Page for more information about the group.