Fringe Focus: The Alternotives

Alternotive A Cappella

Alternotive A Cappella

In the lead up to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, every week we will be producing special focuses on our collegiate groups who will be performing at the world’s largest amateur arts festival in 2013. In the ninth of this series of articles, we will be looking at this year’s VF-UK Finalists, The Oxford Alternotives.

Fringe History

Despite being one the oldest groups in the country, it wasn’t until 2010 that the Alternotives made their Fringe debut, but it was well worth the wait, with rave reviews flying in left, right and centre. Since then, they have kept up the standard of high quality, as well as original, a cappella, and offered something just that little bit different, last year in particular providing a ‘Blind Date’ element to the show, in which an audience member would be serenaded by various group members and asked to pick their favourite.

Previous UACUK Ratings

2011: 9/10 – “To take something complicated and unpredictable and pull it off with such panache was massively impressive.”
2012: 7/10 – “I was blown away.”

This Year

Following a successful visit to London for the Voice Festival UK Final, the Alternotives are back for their fourth year on the trot, and return to the venue they did so well in last year, theSpace @ Symposium Hall. They kick off their run today, Monday 12 August, and will perform until Saturday 24th., at 14:05. After some excellent reviews all around last year, and a very solid year competitively, they will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of this year’s Festival – and they stand out, compared to the more straight-laced groups out there.

What To Expect

The unfortunate thing about the Voice Festival UK is that it allows very little scope for being different. Fringe sets are over four times as long and have no guidelines – in this atmosphere, therefore, the Alternotives thrive. They take the musical tightness that they develop for the Voice Festival and add to that smatterings of humour, comedy, sketches, and general frivolity that makes the group unique. Hopefully the group will keep true to their core principles and not only provide classy music but also a barrel of laughs. Miss it, miss out.

Further Details

Fringe Listing


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