Fringe Focus: In The Pink

In The Pink - Fabulous Female A Cappella

In The Pink – Fabulous Female A Cappella

In the lead up to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, every week we will be producing special focuses on our collegiate groups who will be performing at the world’s largest amateur arts festival in 2013. In the seventh in this series, we will be looking at In The Pink, who are celebrating their 9th year at the Edinburgh Festival.

Fringe History

In The Pink were founded in 2003 and two years later were taking Edinburgh by storm. For the past few years they’ve been performing at various venues within C – last year was their most ambitious effort, performing in C(-1), the largest venue within C Main, and after a shaky start, came into their own as their run progressed.

Previous UACUK Ratings

2011: 8/10 – “I was smiling the whole way through.”
2012: 6.5/10 – “Energy and verve throughout.”

This Year

The girls are remaining in C Venues but going up a couple of floors to C(+1), a three-sided venue that could prove tricky to re-manoeuvre certain routines, but all-in-all the space is a lot more intimate than last year’s stage-based venue. They begin today, 11 August, and continue until 23 August, at 16:30. With yet another large turnover of members, there will be plenty of new faces, but with reports from VF-UK this year very good, the girls are in prime position to pull something quite special out of the bag this year.

What To Expect

Exactly what it says on the tin – fabulous all-female a cappella. The girls never fail to have a great time on stage, and this infectious enthusiasm will rub off on the audience, and you won’t fail to leave with a smile on your face. Their cutesy charm will intoxicate even the most hardened of spectator, and I do hope that their close proximity to the audience prompts them to interact with them more than last year, when they felt a little distant, a style that was unsuited to the group. They work best in close harmony, and having heard a sample of The Feeling’s Rose last night at a cabaret, they’re sounding as sharp and tight as they have ever been.

Further Details

Fringe Listing


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