Fringe Focus: The Oxford Gargoyles

The Oxford Gargoyles: Jazz A Cappella

The Oxford Gargoyles: Jazz A Cappella

In the lead up to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, every week we will be producing special focuses on our collegiate groups who will be performing at the world’s largest amateur arts festival in 2013. In the fifth of this series of articles, we will be looking at another of the stalwart of Fringe Festival action, jazz group The Oxford Gargoyles.

Fringe History

The Oxford Gargoyles are back for their eighth consecutive year at the Festival. They started in humble surrounding at C Too, but their relationship with C Venues has blossomed over time and they now hold down a place at C(-1) year upon year – and with reviews like the ones they’ve been getting over the past couple of years, this place is highly deserved. Having been labelled by one reviewer as the ‘stand-out a cappella group of the Fringe,’ the ‘Goyles have a rich and successful Edinburgh legacy.

Previous UACUK Ratings

2011: 9/10 – “Slick, tight and very professional”
2012: 9/10 – “One of the best shows in the entire festival”

This Year

As in previous years, The Gargoyles will be performing in C(-1) every day from 31st July – 17th August from 2.20pm, kicking off the a cappella fest in that particular venue that includes the Alleycats and In The Pink at various points in the festival calendar. With a strong niche following in Edinburgh combined with years of rave reviews, it might be difficult to get a ticket for this one unless you buy soon.

What To Expect

The Oxford Gargoyles are basically the Out of the Blue of jazz a cappella. The two groups have very different musical styles, but are also similar in many ways – they are slick, musically extremely tight, and conduct themselves in a highly professional manner. The mixed-voice Gargoyles may not be as energetic as their all-male counterparts, but jazz music doesn’t exactly give rise to high-octane dance moves, and indeed, their performance last year was the best musically out of all the groups at the festival. They will look sharp in their black tie, sound dreamy, and dish out something quite different to most of the other groups. How they will compare to the new kids on the block, Vive, remains to be seen. Regardless, their Fringe pedigree and musical flawlessness is reason enough to go buy your ticket right now.

Further Details

Fringe Listing


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