Sons of Pitches Reach Second Final in Award-Crazy Regional

In a Regional Round full of top drawer a cappella, it was The Sons of Pitches who made it through to their second successive London Final, picking up no less than three awards in the process. The boys from Birmingham made it count on home turf once again, as they beat off stiff competition from experienced and debutant groups alike at the Elgar Concert Hall this evening.

With four groups hailing from the University of Birmingham itself joined by Birmingham Conservatoire based The Augmentals and Leeds-based The Songsmiths (who have had as many names as they have had years competing in VF-UK), it turned out to be a hotbed of raw talent as awarded were dished out left, right and centre for all manner of things, including a brand new award for the Augmentals for ‘Outstanding Audience Participation’.

The Sons of Pitches therefore become only the second group to have reached the Final before to be in the same situation again this year, and it means we will yet again have an all-female-less final for the second consecutive year.

Results Round-Up
Outstanding Vocal Percussion:Jack Blume of The Sons of Pitches and Lizzie Jones of the Uptone Girls
Outstanding Arrangement: The Sons of Pitches for Lose Yourself
Outstanding Musicality: The Songsmiths
Outstanding Audience Participation: Andrew Wilson of The Augmentals for Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Outstanding Soloist: Lorcan Byrne of The Songsmiths for Big Love and Charlye Simpson of the Uptone Girls for Landslide
Outstanding Performance: The Sons of Pitches


A full review of last night’s show will be available shortly.


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