All the King’s Men Set to Defend Title; Vive Pick Up Ward Swingle

In an astonishing night of a cappella at the City of London School for Girls, potentially two groups made it through to the final next weekend – All the King’s Men, as overall winners of the Regional, and Vive, who according to Voice Festival rules, will qualify also, unless a group from Birmingham also picks up a Ward Swingle Award as the six-strong group did this evening.

In a night filled with a high standard of collegiate a cappella, it was reigning champions All the King’s Men that saw of stiff competition from other London groups, including The Techtonics, debutants The Scopes and The Houghtones, and all-female group The Imperielles. But it was Vive who perhaps steal the headlines, becoming the first group since Fitz Barbershop in 2010 to pick up the Ward Swingle Award for Originality, and the second group ever to do so.

Depending on events in Birmingham, both All the King’s Men and Vive will be joining Choral Stimulation, The Oxford Alternotives and Semi-Toned in next weekend’s final, plus the representative from Birmingham that will be announced later this evening. Hold onto your seats.

Results Round-Up
Outstanding Choreography: All the King’s Men
Outstanding Vocal Percussion: Max Hunter of The Techtonics
Outstanding Arrangement: Sam Robson of Vive for Your Motivation
Outstanding Soloist: The Techtonics


Ward Swingle Award for Originality: VIVE

A full review of last night’s show will be available shortly.


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