Alternotives Reach First Final Since 2009

In the fifth annual Oxford Regional Round of the Voice Festival UK, it was mixed-group The Oxford Alternotives who progressed to the Final in London in a fortnight’s time, despite the rest of the awards being dominated by the all-female groups in the competition.

In a round devoid of the likes of Out of the Blue and The Oxford Gargoyles, it was The Alternotives who stepped up to the mark with an exceptional performance which helped them to qualify from Oxford for the first time: their final place in 2009 was gained through the now-defunct Cambridge Regional. With a repertoire that included one of our favourite tracks of last year, Regina Spektor’s Samson, the Alts capitalised on the notable absences to secure their final spot. Other highlights included three all-girl groups breaking out some amazing all-female a cappella, and The Ultrasounds in their token scrubs wowing with their dulcet tones.

So The Alternotives join Semi-Toned and Choral Stimulation in the final, in a year which is shaping up nicely for mixed groups…

Results Round-Up
Outstanding Musicality: The Oxford Belles
Outstanding Performance: In The Pink
Outstanding Soloist: Georgia Comrie of In The Pink for Both Sides Now


A full review of last night’s show will be available shortly.


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