Semi-Toned Sail Through to VF-UK Final

In what might be seen as an expected result, all-male group Semi-Toned, who may have felt aggrieved last year after failing to make the final, made amends in the debut Exeter Regional Round against three other strong groups from the universities of Exeter and Bath.

With none of the competing groups having ever qualified for a final, the thirst for that elusive spot was higher than ever, and in the end there were four highly impressive showings from the south-west based groups. Highlights included an Africa-themed set from debutants Illuminations, a majestic Bohemian Rhapsody from The Sweet Nothings and some mesmerising vocal percussion from members of Semi-Toned.

In the end though, it was almost a clean sweep for the boys, who not only qualified for the final but took away two awards in the process. We’ll see them, Choral Stimulation and three other groups in the final in a couple of weeks.

Results Round-Up
Outstanding Musicality: Aquapella
Outstanding Vocal Percussion: Jack Telfer St Claire of Semi-Toned for Knights of Cydonia
Outstanding Stagecraft: Semi-Toned


A full review of tonight’s show will be available shortly.


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