The Accidentals to Sing at UK Pitch Perfect Launch

The most successful all-female group at the University of St Andrews, and the last all-female group to reach the final of the Voice Festival UK back in 2011, The Accidentals, have been invited to sing at the launch of what could potentially be the biggest influence on UK a cappella in recent years: the first ever a cappella movie, Pitch Perfect.

The movie, which has already been released to generally positive reviews in America, is coming to screens on 21 December, and the girls will be heading down to London in a couple of weeks’ time to help Universal with the promotion of the film, in the hope that viewers will be attracted to the film due to the similarities between The Accidentals and the fictional girl group portrayed in the film, The Bellas.

It comes as no real surprise that the girls, who are technically the UK’s best all-female collegiate group, have been invited to this event, and we wish them all the best as they head down for what could potentially significantly boost the popularity of a cappella in the UK permanently.


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