Gargoyles Reach BBC Choir of the Year Grand Final

Last weekend, The BBC’s Choir of the Year Category Finals rolled into Manchester in the stunning Bridgewater Hall, and while there were four categories of competing choirs, there was one in particular we were keeping an eye on – the Open Category, which consisted of both The Oxford Gargoyles and St Andrews’ The Alleycats.

The two choirs, while competing against each other, were also up against The Voice Squad and Ysgol Glanaethwy Senior Choir in their category, and it was The Oxford Gargoyles who won the category and will compete in the Grand Final in the Royal Festival Hall in London against all the choirs in each of the other categories. There were also two Wildcard winners: while we hoped that The Alleycats would take one of these spots, it instead fell to the choir from Ysgol Glanaethwy and a choir from the Adult Category.

A full report of the Open Category will be available later in the week.

Congratulations to The Oxford Gargoyles! More information about the final can be found here.


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