Audition Alert! (6)

Audition fever has been rife over the past few weeks: here a short round-up:

The University of Cambridge’s The Fitz Sirens are calling for new members to message them through their Facebook page to book a slot; The Oxford Belles are auditioning this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5.30pmm, with more information available here; The Techtonics from Imperial College, London held their first auditions yesterday, and are also auditioning Sunday and Tuesday of the coming week – more information is available on their page also.

Potential auditionees for Oxford’s In The Pink are being encouraged to email; The Imperielles are holding auditions this Saturday and Sunday (find out more here; Cadenza from Cambridge have auditions continuing from this Monday 8th, which you can sign up for here); and finally, Blue Shakti are looking for vocalists and beatboxers to email them at

If you’re at university – make sure you get involved in all the action!


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