Audition Alert! (5)

More groups are auditioning around the country as the new academic year get well underway.

Firstly, we must apologise for missing out on the auditions for Leeds group 95 Keys and Exeter group Semi-Toned – it’s not only their first few weeks back at university, but ours too, and as such we have been swamped with a host of work from over-keen lecturers. We hope these auditions went extremely well for the two groups involved, and we look forward to seeing the results in the near future.

Meanwhile, the University of Birmingham is stepping it up a gear in terms of recruitment, with auditions for all three of their groups happening all at once. The University of Birmingham A Cappella Network (UBAN) is holding auditions this Thursday and Friday for people who wish to join either The Sons of Pitches, The Uptone Girls or Voice Versa. Auditions are being held from 5pm-8pm at the Beorma Bar at the Guild of Students in Birmingham, and you would be mad to miss out on becoming a part of one of the UK’s fastest growing hubs of a cappella.

More information on the auditions can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Audition Alert! (5)

  1. It’s fine. Semi-Toned haven’t even finished auditions yet. Too busy sharking!
    Na, just kidding, they’ve been hard at work promoting A Cappella at the university, and making freshers feel welcome.

    • And now Semi-Toned have finished, and already done their first performance of the term featuring 2 songs with the new members. A few tough choices, but an excellent selection of fresh vocal talent for the new year!

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