Audition Alert! (3)

A trend has emerged around Scotland over the past week. As universities fill up with new Freshers, audition slots for the Scottish-based groups are opening up left, right and centre.

Following The Alleycats and The Accidentals into audition mode are VF-UK 2012 Finalists The Other Guys, who will be having their auditions on Wednesday 19th September. In order to book an audition time, it is necessary to email The auditions will be held at St Leonard’s Chapel throughout the day.

Excitingly, a group from a university outside of St Andrews are also holding auditions. Choral Stimulation, based in Glasgow, have come on in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years, and are also on the lookout for new members. Their auditions will be held on Tuesday 25th September in the Glasgow University Union, from 5pm-8pm. The group is looking for male and female singers of all ranges, so all you Glasgow Freshers out there – get yourselves involved!

For more information about the events, check out The Other Guys’ Auditions Facebook Event or Choral Stimulation’s Auditions Facebook Event.


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