The Techtonics Announce Debut Full-Length Album

A year after their trip to Croatia for the Vocal Marathon competition, the Techtonics are releasing their debut album, Groundbreaker.

The exciting aca-news keeps flooding in left, right and centre, and none more exciting than the news that Imperial College London’s premier all-male group, The Techtonics, are releasing their debut full-length album, Groundbreaker, on September 5th.

The boys have been a little quiet since the London Regional of the Voice Festival 2012, but have clearly been making the most of their summer by heading to the recording studio, and the result is their highly anticipated debut full-length and professionally mastered album, which follows in the footsteps of several other collegiate groups who have also released new albums this summer.

The Techtonics did release an LP back in 2010, but this effort is the first to be fully released since the group’s inception.

This time last year, The Techtonics flew to Croatia for the Vocal Marathon competition, and we are interested to see what kind of impact that extra competitive experience will have had upon their music.

For now, we must wait, but get excited for the second debut album of the year.

The Techtonics can be found on Facebook.


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