Fringe Focus: The Oxford Gargoyles

In the lead up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, every week we will be producing special focuses on our collegiate groups who will be performing at the world’s largest amateur arts festival in 2012. In the fourth edition, we’ll be looking at The Oxford Gargoyles, winners of the Voice Festival UK in 2010 and regular fringe-goers.

Fringe History

The Oxford Gargoyles will be performing in their seventh consecutive year at the Fringe Festival, and they began way back in 2006 in C Too, and have since moved to what could be considered a regular spot in C(-1), which remains one of the larger venues within C Venues. Having successfully managed a sell-out run last year and received three five-star reviews from arguably the biggest three reviewers at the Festival, that place is thoroughly deserved.

Previous Praise

“You won’t see a better a cappella act this year.” – BroadwayBaby, 2011 (*****)
“The sensitive use of dynamics and beautiful original arrangements establish their genuine musical talent.” – ThreeWeeks, 2011 (*****)
“They produce pitch perfect harmonies every time and their musical interpretation and expression are impeccable.” – Fringe Review, 2011 (*****)

This Year

This year the group will be taking up their usual spot in C(-1) from 12th-27th August at 3pm. The group have had a very successfully year, particularly in reaching the Category Finals of BBC’s Choir of the Year competition, and will be showcasing one of two of the songs that may well be used in that competition. Highlights will include jazz classics Mr Bojangles and It Don’t Mean A Thing as well as more recent arrangements, including the Dancing in the Moonlight medley featured in their Voice Festival set this year. “We’re absolutely thrilled to be returning to the Fringe and are looking forward to learning as much from the other performers there as we will from our own performing experiences,” says Anjali Joseph, the Business Manager of the group, and continues with some more exciting news: “We also have a new album – our tenth – which will be released alongside our Edinburgh show and features a mixture of live and studio recordings of this year’s arrangements.”

What To Expect

The Oxford Gargoyles are one of those extremely musically talented groups who will never fail to produce flawless harmonies and an incredible blend of sound on stage. They may not be the most mobile of groups on stage, but to have a group focus particularly on jazz music and full it off with such professionalism is quite something. They bring originality, harmonious blend and tonnes of jazz to a Fringe otherwise dominated by acts very similar to each other. If you’re not quite a popular music fan, then this is definitely the group for you.

Further Details

Fringe Listing
Facebook Page
Official Website


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