Fringe Focus: In The Pink

In the lead up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, every week we will be producing special focuses on our collegiate groups who will be performing at the world’s largest amateur arts festival in 2012. In the third edition, we’ll be focussing on In The Pink, fresh from their tour of Berlin, who are bringing a show to the Fringe for the ninth time.

Fringe History

The group, having been founded in 2003, were quick to take their music to the wider world, having started performing at the Edinburgh Fringe since 2005. Last year was their 8th year, and they were performing in C (+3), one of C Venues’ larger venues, and I was lucky enough to not only experience the laughter and good feeling that they brought to their show, but also was dragged up on stage and serenaded during one particular – one of my festival highlights last year! The group have consistently received good reviews and as such, their fanbase in the Scottish capital is ever growing.

Previous Praise

“Brains, looks, voices… Some people have all the luck” – BroadwayBaby, 2009 (****)
“Really shouldn’t be missed.” – New Cherwell (****)
“I was smiling the whole way through.” – UACUK, 2011 (8 out of 10)

This Year

The group have been taking their music to even wider audiences this year, having recently returned from a tour of Berlin and an unprecedented number of performances both live and on local radio in Oxford, and the girls will surely draw in a bigger crowd than ever this year. The girls are performing a C (-1) from 12th-27th August at 2pm, with a set that includes classics such as Eagle Eye Cherry’s Save Tonight and more contemporary pop hits such as Destiny’s Child and One Direction. “We’re hoping the experience we gained in Berlin should be a huge asset at the Fringe,” says Business Manager Miranda Essex, and we agree.

What To Expect

There is no doubt that you will leave the In The Pink show with a smile on your face – their girlish charm and catchy tunes will brighten any kind of afternoon. There will be songs you recognise and a handful that you won’t, but all are arranged with intricacy and a keen ear. While the girls have been criticised for their lack of real ‘oomph’ in the past, judging by their performances at the Voice Festival UK earlier this year, the girls have really begun to find their footing as a group and are sure to put on the best show they have ever done at Edinburgh this year. Prepare to walk away delighted with at least one of their songs stuck in your head.

Further Information

Fringe Listing
Facebook Page
Official Website


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