Up-and-Coming: The Scopes

Here at the blog we always get extremely excited when we hear of new groups being formed, and these days it’s happening more and more regularly, as the popularity of a cappella in the UK continues to grow, having spread to Leeds, Bath and Aberdeen in the past year or so.

So, in the first of a new set of Spotlights, we got in touch with co-founder and pseudo-MD, Justus Schmidt, of new Imperial College group, The Scopes, to discuss their short history and see what their plans for the future were.

UACUK: Hi Justus, thanks for agreeing to speak to me.

JS: Gladly!

UACUK: Tell us about the formation of the group then.

JS: We only formed last November [2011], and as such aren’t even a year old yet. We initially had only six people, but that increased to eight when two others joined us. We consist of both male and female singers, and used to be called Kaleidoscope, but since then we’ve shortened the name to simply ‘The Scopes’.

UACUK: How’s it going so far?

JS: It’s very much trial and error so far. None of us had sung a cappella before, and we don’t have an official MD yet, although I practically do the job, despite the fact I’ve not had any previous experience. We also only have a repertoire of just three songs so far, with all of them being group arranged numbers, so not quite ready to hold any big concerts yet!

UACUK: Have you performed publicly yet?

JS: Not so to speak. We did do one hour of busking during a rehearsal rather spontaneously, but apart from that, like I say, we don’t have enough material to do it justice yet.

UACUK: How do you hope to develop the group in the next few months?

JS: I think the first things to do would be to stabilise the core members of the group and recruit more people, so that we can really start to make a solid sound. That would probably involve finding a group identity, as we don’t want to just be a copy of other groups out there. Obviously extending our repertoire is also very important, and we’d love to secure some gigs further down the line.

UACUK: Awesome! Well good luck with the future, and we hope to see you in action soon!

JS: Thanks a lot!

To get in touch with The Scopes, either to express an interest in joining the group or to book them for an event, contact Justus Schmidt on Facebook.


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