Tours Galore in Oxbridge

With the dust having (just about) settled from the VF-UK competition for another year, groups are jetting off once again around the world to perform to awaiting fans across the northern hemisphere.

The Fitz Sirens, from Cambridge, are setting off tomorrow on a busking tour of Poland. Their presence in the Voice Festival this year was sorely missed, but having performed recently at the House of Lords, the girls are certainly more than making up for it by securing some prestigious gigs elsewhere. We wish the girls the best of luck in Poland, and continuing success in the next few months.

Over at Oxford, two groups are about to fly across the pond and try their hand in America. The Oxford Alternotives are jetting off to the East Coast until March 29th, where they will be touring the New York and Boston area, where they are bound to run into some top-class a cappella groups from the US. We wish the group all the best on their tour!

Out of the Blue are also about to head off to the US, heading for the West Coast and California! The group have promised to keep their fans updated every day via their Facebook page, and we can’t wait to hear all about it. We wish the group all the best, and urge them to wear enough suncream.


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