London A Cappella Festival Foyer Events Line-Up Confirmed!

The line-up for the free foyer events at the London A Cappella Festival in January 2012 has been confirmed this week.

Three modern a cappella groups from the UK will be performing, as well as a Chamber Choir from Chichester and a collegiate group from the US.

On Thursday 12th January, The Techtonics from Imperial College London will be performing, while the following evening All The King’s Men from King’s College, London will be taking the stage.

On the Saturday, the foyer events will be taking place all day, with the Brown Derbies from Brown University in the USA performing, as well as Chichester University Chamber Choir, in collaboration with The Matyas Selber Trust.

Of course, VF-UK 2011 Winners Cadenza will also be opening for The Boxettes on the main stage on Saturday 14th as well.

For more information about the London A Cappella Festival, and for free foyer event line-ups, visit their official website.


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