All The King’s Men: The End of an Era

by Folarin Akinmade

This coming Monday, October 24th, marks an important date in the life the a cappella group, All The King’s Men. The group will not only be marking their second birthday, but they will also be saying good-bye to many of the first generation of the group and unveiling the new talent! With this grand, bittersweet occasion on the horizon, I sat down with Henry Southern, the group’s founding member and former president.

UACUK: So, how many members have left the group this year and how many did you recruit?

HS: Eight members left the group, but the auditionees were so good that we were forced to to ake on nine, making a ‘lucky 13’.

UACUK: This was your first major set of auditions for the group, so how did you find the process?

HS: We asked a lot of groups in the UK and the US how to audition as it was our first go. We had three rounds and the auditionees were all very good. We took on nine, but another nine could have gotten in. We had fifty audition and we really didn’t know what to expect.

UACUK: How do you integrate incoming members into the group? How do you make them feel comfortable?

HS: Well, we have a gig coming up on Monday October 24th and that should be a fun joint gig for the old and new generations. We also have our 2nd anniversary dinner coming up. One of the things we place importance in All The King’s Men is good banter. Our philosophy shall continue!

UACUK: What aspect of the group dynamic do you hope remains unchanged through this first transition?

HS: An essential part of ATKM is making puns and that hasn’t changed. We’re very ‘punny’. *pause for laughter*

UACUK: Moving on… What do you have planned for the coming year?

HS:We’ve been wanting to do a music video for a while and as we’re one of the top London A Cappella Groups we feel it’s our obligation to do an Olympic video, set to be released in the New Year. We have our annual Christmas gigs with the King’s Chix. Then there’s the Voice Festival in March, perhaps a West Coast USA tour in February. We may even try to get a South East Asia tour for the summer.

UACUK: As the founder and driving force behind All The King’s Men, how are you feeling at this time, knowing that the group you created will continue past your own time at university?

HS: My time with All The King’s Men has been amazing. My aim when I set it up was to do at least one Edinburgh Fringe Festival. What we’ve achieved has been unbelievable and we’ve made such close friends in the process. This year I’m still very much part of the group, but I’m stepping down a bit to prepare for when I leave and with the new men, we should go from strength to strength.

Make sure to get tickets for the All The King’s Men – It’s Reigning Men on Monday 24th of
October! Check out the Facebook event for more details.


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