Poll Results and Analysis: Which Type of A Cappella Do You Prefer?

Over the last couple of weeks, readers of UACUK have been voting on which type of a cappella they prefer. Below are the results in full.

All-male a cappella received the most amount of votes, winning almost two-thirds of the entire vote with 63%. Could this be partly to do with three all-male groups having more Facebook fans than the rest of the collegiate a cappella groups? Out of the Blue have the most fans, most likely to do with their recent Britain’s Got Talent success, with 12,848 at the time of writing. The Other Guys are next, following the success of their Royal Romance video, with 4,185. All The King’s Men, despite being newer than some other groups such as The Alleycats and The Oxford Belles, are in third place with 1,146. All these things suggest that all-male a cappella is definitely the viewer’s choice at the moment.

Mixed voice a cappella received almost one-third of the vote, however. Groups such as The Alleycats changed from all-male to mixed voice since their formation, and must have had some reason for doing so. The results suggests that when done well, mixed-voice a cappella can be very popular – for example, Cadenza, the current Voice Festival UK champions, are a mixed group, and their soloists in particular helped them to that honour.

Unfortunately, all-female a cappella received only 5% of the vote. With professional groups like The Boxettes becoming ever popular, why is it that collegiate all-female a cappella is so under appreciated? Indeed, The Accidentals were the only all-female group in the final of the Voice Festival UK earlier this year – could this be saying something not only about the popularity of all-female a cappella, but also the quality and technical proficiency?

Facts and Figures

Facebook Fans (at time of writing)

Out of the Blue – 12,848 (male)
The Other Guys – 4,185 (male)
All The King’s Men – 1,146 (male)
The Oxford Gargoyles – 696 (mixed)
The Oxford Alternotives – 519 (mixed)
The Accidentals – 453 (female)
The Alleycats – 409 (mixed)
The Fitz Sirens – 339 (female)
Cadenza – 294 (mixed)
Augmented Seven – 271 (mixed)
The Forget-Me-Nots – 257 (female)
Fitz Barbershop – 240 (male)
The Techtonics – 234 (male)
Choral Stimulation – 219 (mixed)
The Hummingbirds – 193 (female)
TUBBS – 167 (mixed)
The Oxford Belles – 118 (female)
Absolute Harmony – 100 (mixed)
The King’s Chix – 86 (female)
In The Pink – 32 (female)

Clearly the list is top heavy with male groups, and the most popular mixed groups (Gargoyles, Alternotives and Allleycats) have generally more fans than the most popular female groups (Accidentals, Sirens, Forget-Me-Nots). Could this have had an effect on the poll results?

VF-UK Finalists (winner in CAPS)

All-male: 2 (All The King’s Men; Out of the Blue)
Mixed: 2 (Augmented Seven, CADENZA)
All-female: 1 (The Accidentals)

Mixed: 3 (The Alleycats, Cadenza, THE OXFORD GARGOYLES)
All-male: 2 (Out of the Blue, Fitz Barbershop)
All-female: 2 (The Fitz Sirens, The Accidentals)

Mixed: 3 (The Alleycats, Cadenza, The Oxford Alternotives)
All-male: 2 (OUT OF THE BLUE, The Other Guys)
All-female: 1 (The Oxford Belles)

Several things could be taken into consideration here: firstly, no all-female group has ever won in the competition, which could pose part of the problem. Secondly, only two groups have never failed to qualify for the final – mixed voice Cadenza and all-male Out of the Blue. This would also certainly have an effect on which groups get seen more regularly at the fans and therefore acquire more fans. Thirdly, only 3 all-female groups (Accidentals, Sirens, Belles) have reached the final, compared to 4 all-male (OOTB, Other Guys, ATKM, Fitz) and 5 mixed groups (Augmented, Cadenza, Alleycats, Gargoyles, Alternotives). All telling statistics.

Poll Results

Do you have an opinion? Please please leave a comment below if you wish to express your agreement or your rage at the above analysis.


One thought on “Poll Results and Analysis: Which Type of A Cappella Do You Prefer?

  1. I think the results would be similar (maybe slightly more balanced) in the US. As much as many all-female groups are every bit as musically proficient as their all-male and mixed counterparts, they also tend to be a bit less boisterous and entertaining in an extroverted way, which makes them less accessible to a general audience. A handful of all-female groups have broken through that glass ceiling (in the US, Divisi, Noteworthy, and The Acabelles come to mind), but it will be interesting to see how things evolve in the coming years.

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