Spotlight: The Forget-Me-Nots

Our second group feature article sees us examine one of the newest a cappella groups in the nation, Edinburgh University’s all-female quartet, the Forget-Me-Nots.


The Forget-Me-Nots first met in December 2010. Rose put up a poster in the music building looking for other students who might be interested in forming a barbershop quartet. Rachael responded and brought her friend Jude along to the first meeting. From there, Rose met Ellie through their course, and the group was formed!


The group then went through several names before settling on their current one. They were previously The Crackerjacks, Fourplay and Babestation. I much prefer the latest incarnation!

Since their inception, the group has performed at a lot of societies events within the university, as well as fundraisers and parties.

More recently…

The group most recently performed in a free show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer of 2011. It was a learning curve for the whole group – their venue was great in some ways, but being a bar, it was often challenging in terms of noise (especially on Saturday afternoons when the football was on!).

Overall the group had a brilliant experience and received some very positive feedback from audience members and critics alike.

The Year In Quotes

…of the Fringe:

“Greatest moment of the Fringe […] Fantastic” – Ryo Tabusa, Forget-Me-Nots fan.

“Flawless harmonies” – Andrew Adam, member of The Alleycats and President of the University of St Andrews A Cappella Society.

“I could not fault these girls” – Mark Gregory, UK University A Cappella Blog

“Beautiful, accomplished arrangments.” – Ian Davies, audience member.

What’s Next?

The girls are looking to taking some Wedding Gigs soon in order to secure themselves more bookings. They hope to increase their reputation within Edinburgh further and are seriously considering doing the Fringe Festival again next year.

As for everything else, watch this space!

Favourite Moment So Far?

In the short time the group has been together, there have been several highlights, but due to the very nature of the group (with there not being one specific leader or musical director), rehearsals themselves are often great fun and several have been abandoned due to not being able to sing for too much laughing!


The Forget-Me-Nots can be found on Facebook.


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