Audition Alert! (5)

Two more groups are auditioning for new members in the next few weeks:

Cadenza, the current VF-UK champions, are auditioning for new members on Saturday 8th October. The group are hoping to continue their success of last year into the coming academic session. For your chance to audition, email or visit their Facebook page.

Also auditioning are The Oxford Belles, Oxford University’s original all-female a cappella group. Auditions will be taking place on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October from 10am until 5pm. To audition, either email the girls on, write on the event page wall or visit the girls at the Freshers Fair.


UACUK is Expanding…

The UK University A Cappella Blog is growing!

Having just hit 1,500 views since the blog began, we have decided to recruit a new member to the blogging team – Folarin Akinmade (fondly known as Flo) is a student at King’s College, London, and a member of VF-UK 2011 Finalists All The King’s Men. More information about him can be found on the About section of the blog on the top menu bar.

Also, we have been in talks with the Voice Festival UK and will now be receiving the very latest news from the Voice Festival UK before anyone else. Look out for some Voice Festival exclusives in the coming weeks. We’re very excited for what the future of the blog holds, but in the meantime – keep reading and enjoying our content! And thank you for the support so far!

Audition Alert! (4)

Two all-female groups are auditioning very soon!

The Accidentals of the University of St Andrews are holding auditions this Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, the 26th, 27th and 29th of September. The VF-UK 2011 Finalists lost five members to graduation last year and therefore are looking for several new members. For more information, see the Facebook event page.

In The Pink are also auditioning for as many as ten (10!) new members. Their auditions will be held on 8th October from 11am to 6pm, and on 9th October from 11am to 3.30pm. They are looking for all parts, ranging from alto to first soprano. For more information, see the Facebook event page.

Spotlight: In The Pink

Our third spotlight features one of the two all-female a cappella groups from the University of Oxford, In The Pink.


In The Pink were formed in 2002 in order to cater for the abundance of talented female singers at the university.


Since their inception, the girls have set about performing at various Oxford Balls and gigs to increase their reputation both around the university and within the UK.

From 2006 to 2007, the group competed in the Western European semi-finals in Oxford. In 2006, they placed third behind Cambridge’s Fitz Barbershop and Out of the Blue, also from Oxford. Alexandra Godfree won the award for “Outstanding Arrangement” for the Carpenters’ Rainy Days and Mondays. In the following year, they finished behind Out of the Blue, the Oxford Gargoyles and the Oxford Alternotives, but Rebecca Dale won the award for “Outstanding Vocal Percussion”.

In 2008, the group took part in the first of two Western European quarter-finals, signifying the rise in popularity of collegiate a cappella in the UK, at which Suzannah Merchant claimed the award for “Outstanding Vocal Percussion”, despite the group finishing outside the top three again.

They have also taken part in the Voice Festival UK competition since its inception in 2009.

The group have also recorded four studio albums: Tickled Pink (2006), All Mouth No Trousers (2007), By Any Other Name (2008) and their latest effort, Pinkredible (2010).

More recently…

In March 2011, the group once again competed in the Voice Festival UK at the Oxford Regional Round, but due to the increased number of entries for the competition, they failed to qualify for the final. Following that, they performed at St John’s College Ball in the summer of 2011, where they met pop band The Feeling, and were excited to sing their cover of one of the band’s songs, Rose, during their set that night.

In August 2011, they took a show to the Edinburgh Fringe for the 7th consecutive year, and were extremely well received, with Elton John’s Your Song a particular highlight.

The Year in Quotes

…of the Fringe:

“Spot-on.” – FringeReview

“Vivacious.” – Edinburgh Spotlight

“Infectious energy.” – Scott Turner, fan

“Gave me goosebumps.” – Mark Gregory, UACUK founder

What’s Next?

This autumn the group will be auditioning for as many as ten new members, as several of the group are either graduating or taking a year abroad, but President Miranda Essex is looking forward to the challenge ahead: “It will mean a lot of hard work at first, having to teach old and new songs to so many new members, but by the Spring, we should be ready for the Voice Festival, our new album, and our 8th run at the Fringe.” Becca Nicholls, the Musical Director for the forthcoming year, added: “It also means that we could see a lot of new, fresh talent coming into the group, which is really exciting.”

As mentioned above, the group hope to record their fifth studio album in the Spring, ready to sell at the Fringe Festival in the summer of 2012.

Favourite Moment

Aside from meeting The Feeling, during the Edinburgh Fringe run this year, one of the girls’ brothers was dragged up on stage, much to his embarrassment – his red face will live long in the memory!

For news on their auditions and performances from the girls, follow their brand new Facebook page, or watch this space!

In The Pink Official Website

Audition Alert! (3)

A couple more auditioning groups to inform you of:

The Other Guys from the University of St Andrews are auditioning for new male members. The group, most well known for their YouTube video, Royal Romance, are looking to recruit after losing six members last year. The auditions will be held on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th of September. In order to audition, you must book a slot via email, on More information can be found here.

As mentioned briefly a couple of days ago, the Leeds A Cappella Singers are also auditioning on September 26th. For more information, email

Poll: Which Type of A Cappella Do You Prefer?

It is one of the biggest decisions when setting up a new a cappella group – should it be all-male, all-female or a mixed group?

Today, and over the next few days, we hope to solve the conundrum with our first ever poll: Which type of a cappella do you all prefer? Do you enjoy the dulcet tones of all-male a cappella, like The Other Guys, Out of the Blue and All The King’s Men? Do you prefer the feisty blend of the female groups like In The Pink, The Oxford Belles and the Accidentals? Or would you rather hear a blend of voices from soprano to bass in the mixed groups, like The Alleycats, Cadenza and Augmented Seven?

Whatever your opinion, share it here:

The Other Guys Hit Deutschland!

A German news channel yesterday released a short documentary on the latest success to come out of UK a cappella, The Other Guys from the University of St Andrews.

Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international news broadcaster, filmed and interviews the boys in St Andrews and last night they were featured on the channel’s “Euromaxx” programme, and discussed the Royal Romance video, their latest album, Barely Regal, and potential forthcoming videos, a subject on which the group would not be drawn.

The four and a half minute video can be viewed here.

The Other Guys’ latest album, Barely Regal can be found here.