Barely Regal Release Date Revealed

The University of St Andrews’ The Other Guys’ highly anticipated new album, Barely Regal, is set to be released on 5 September.

Barely Regal CD Cover

The group, which have been recording and editing the album since 27 June, have also revealed the front cover of the album, which incorporates the style of the Keep Calm and Carry On posters that were distributed by the government in 1939 during the beginning of the Second World War and have recently gained commercial popularity.

We spoke to some of the guys about the album, the tracklist and the artwork, as well as what they have been up to so far during the summer:

UACUK: Hi guys. Enjoying the summer?

TOG: Yeah. It’s been busy so far for some of us – working on the album with various people has been great but has kept some of us, especially the older guys, quite pre-occupied.

UACUK: A lot of people seem really excited about the album. Are you?

TOG: Yeah, of course. Since the success of the Royal Romance video, this is the first time we’ve really been in a financial position to make a really good quality record, and so for the older guys it’s a massive step up from our previous offerings.

UACUK: You mentioned the video – did you think it would be such a success?

TOG: Yes and no. Obviously we didn’t envisage such a widespread positive response, but we remember saying to each other just before we launched it that this really could be something; it was just the perfect timing of the video and the massive hype about the Royal Wedding – it was too good an opportunity to miss.

UACUK: So was the album the next logical step?

TOG: I guess so. We wanted to show those people who might not necessarily have heard any of our other stuff that we’re not just all about the parodies. We wanted to show off our musicality and blend, and an album was the best way of doing that.

UACUK: Any hints as to what’s on the album…?

TOG: Sorry! All we can say is that Royal Romance is on it, and there are a couple of other parodies and a few ballads. There’s a good mixture of tunes. 

UACUK: You’ve been working in America with professional group ‘Overboard’. How was that?

TOG: They were really great. Obviously they know a lot more about the success of commercial a cappella and a lot more experience in mixing and editing than any of us or our British contacts. We also worked with ‘diovoce’ who mastered the album, and that has really made a difference to the sound and the quality of the album – Ollie has about four different versions of each song, and it’s really quite astounding to hear the difference between them all. It was great to work with them and we would love to link up again in the future.

UACUK: What’s next then?

TOG: Well, aside from the album launch, we have a few gigs lined up before the end of the year, including the Dunhill Links Championship in October and a couple of Christmas gigs in London. We also have a couple of other projects in the pipeline, but we can’t reveal any details of those just yet! 

UACUK: Thanks for talking to us, lads

TOG: No worries.

Barely Regal is set for release online and by hard copy on 5 September. For more information, follow The Other Guys on Facebook here:


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